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The Nutri range targets the vitality of cell membranes and exchanges between the cells of the body in the form of polymetallic complexes. The 38 Nutris correspond with the different points of the body. Each Nutri concerns a targeted area, and interacts with the weakest points, which may be in excess or lacking. Therefore, due to communication which promotes its self-regulation, each cell draws the elements it needs from the nutritional intake.

There are five Nutris in this range that correspond with the vital currents of female functions and five other male functions.

They can be used in combination or sequence.

By placing consumers and their health partners at the centre of their concerns, the Pronutri Laboratories undertake to guarantee the safety and quality of their products.

  • Products compliant with European directive 2002/46
  • Products compliant with FDA Regulations CFR21 (USA)
  • Iso 9001/2008