Pronutri Laboratories

At core of well-being and vitality

Founded in 1985, Pronutri Laboratories manufacture and develop nutritional food supplements, with optimized efficiency.

These supplements are a range of oligo-metal complexes in tablet form that aim to reinforce vital currents in the body and provide well-being and comfort.

Who are we?

Pronutri Laboratories

Our Quality approach

Strengthening our links with health professionals

Developing our partnership with retailers

Improving the operation of the process

Quality has always been inseparable from our products, and it has allowed us to develop our field of intervention for more than 30 years. This will to assert our approach was crowned in 2006 by an ISO 9001 certification.

Our laboratories are part of a continuous improvement process, also with the participation of regional partners.

Don't fight the symptom but support the body.

Pronutri products

To rebalance the vital currents of the organism

Nutri, Acquaporins, Wavelengths, essential oil… Our Pronutri ranges are made up of solutions with natural active ingredients that are perfectly assimilated by the body.

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