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Holistic approach

This holistic approach awakens, in a natural and rapid way, the vital potential of the organism and is at the crossroads of the millennia-old knowledge of Eastern medicine (which emphasizes the dynamic interaction between the individual and his context) and Western knowledge (enriched by the most recent discoveries in biochemistry and microbiology).


Cellular self regulation Pronutri

Cellular self-regulation

The aim of this approach is to support the self-regulation of the human organism, an innate capacity, allowing each individual to interact optimally with his environment (climate change, stress, relational conflicts…).

It simply attempts to awaken cellular vitality and lets the body regulate itself, calling upon its regenerative capacities.

Cellular self regulation Pronutri

Balance of the human being

After years of research, this approach takes a very broad look at the balance of the human being, man or woman, and at his or her evolutionary path, linked to many parameters (family context, the affective context in which he or she grew up, the socio-cultural environment, his or her personal history…).

Balance of the human being Pronutri​

The products of Pronutri Laboratories :

Polymetallic Complexes

39 polymetallic complexes

Metal combinations with emerging properties

Targeted action on the body's vital currents

Each polymetallic complex promotes cellular self-regulation.

Pronutri products

To rebalance the vital currents of the organism

Nutri, Acquaporins, Wavelengths, essential oil… Our Pronutri ranges are made up of solutions with natural active ingredients that are perfectly assimilated by the body.

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