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Founded in 1985 and based in Carros in the 06, Pronutri Laboratories are French experts in micronutrition. Our expertise is based on a know-how and a mastery of molecular information.

Our supplements are a range of oligo-metal complexes in tablet form that aim to strengthen the vital currents in the body and bring well-being and comfort.

Present in France and internationally for more than 20 years, our work is focused on the formulation and specific assembly of active ingredients according to a proprietary method.

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CNRS study in partnership with INSERM.

Our Latest Research Partnership With RUE Association

The research began in the 1980s in France, at the University of Orsay, and continued in various countries (Italy, Belgium, Canada, etc.) to develop many of the protocols to support well-being.

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"We were finally able to consider a development partnership on one of our projects."

The RUE system, a system supported by the association Recherche et Avenir, has led to a partnership between Amalric Veret, director of Pronutri Laboratories and Laurent Counillon, professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

The interest of the device is to initiate new research on a project by identifying potential partners who share the same vision of development. This represents a pooling of resources that then allows the work to be developed more quickly.
This partnership offers the opportunity to continue a promising and innovative project.

Pronutri Laboratories in the press

Nice Matin Article | October 18, 2020

“The CHU de Nice, in partnership with Angers, will test a new treatment against elastic pseudoxanthoma, a rare and very disabling disease. A world first.”

Our Pronutri products

To rebalance the vital currents of the organism

 Nutri, Acquaporins, Wavelengths, essential oils… Our Pronutri ranges are made up of solutions with natural active ingredients and bioavailable properties.

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