Boosting human potential naturally


A French Laboratory with unique know-how

Holistic approach

A research to the self-regulation of the organism in its globality.

Patented technology

A unique range of nutritional supplements based on trace-metals.

French Quality

Products manufactured in France and subject to French regulations as a guarantee of quality.

Who are we?

+30 years of expertise in the service of well-being

We are French specialists in natural nutritional supplements based on trace-metals.

Based in Carros in the Alpes-Maritimes (06), our goal is to strengthen the vital potential of the body to bring you well-being and comfort.

Pronutri products

Our natural complexes

Our Nutri range targets the vitality of cell membranes and exchanges between the body’s cells, in the form of polymetallic complexes.

Our ethics

Respect for the human balance

Pronutri Laboratories’ approach takes a broad view of the human being’s balance.

With health practitioners qualified in Nutripuncture®, we study the multi-factorial evolutionary path of the individual in his environment.

We help the latter in a global way to bring a natural and suitable solution.

Vital currents
Nutritional supplements
Years of expertise

We are here to listen to you

Do you need information? An advice on one of our products? Contact our team.

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