The Pronutri Laboratories manufacture, package and distribute nutritional food supplements.

These supplements are a range of trace-metal complexes in the form of tablets which are designed to reinforce the vital currents in the body, and which contribute to well-being and comfort.

Quality has always been inseparable from our products and has enabled us to develop our area of intervention in recent years. This desire to affirm our approach has resulted in an ISO 9001 certification: Since 2006, we have continued to seek to improve our operation.

Our approach is based on three pillars :

Strengthening our links with health professionals

  • Counsellors are preferred customers who we always try to work with more.

Developing our partnerships with retailers

  • Retailers are an inevitable link to customers, we support them with product knowledge, understanding and advice.

Improving the operation of the process

  • In order to best satisfy customers, our vigilance has increased in order to improve each process.