Reseach & Development

The research began in the 1980s in France,
at the University of Orsay, and continued in various countries (Italy, Belgium, Canada, etc.) to develop many of the protocols to support well-being.

The 38 trace-element complexes, developed in 1985, have evolved over time to comply with European standards. Today, they are used as much in weight action as in their emerging properties, as a result of their combination.

By using these nutritional supplements, some experience has been gained to improve the knowledge of the role of vitality on individual psychophysical balance. Empirical research have thus helped to locate the overall concepts of the Eastern tradition to integrate with the latest Western discoveries in biology.

As a result of the past 10 years of experience, particularly in the area of stress, the assessment of the importance of the field and the crucial role of vitality, responsible for transporting the information necessary for the of successful progress of the key stages of human evolution. Different protocols have been gradually developed.
It is in this particular area of ill health and so-called “psychosomatic” events that the Nutris and nutripuncture have their place and a role to play.
On the other hand, it represents a way of reflecting to try to understand the circumstances that lead to the onset of a symptom. It offers “tools” to help overcome sometimes difficult challenges, which affect all ages of life.