The Nutri range ensures the vitality of cell membranes and exchanges between the cells of the body in the form of polymetallic complexes.

The 38 Nutris have an impact on the different points of the body. Each Nutri concerns a uniquely targeted area, which enables interaction with the weakest points, which may be in excess or lacking. Therefore, due to selective communication which promotes its self-regulation, each cell draws the elements it needs from the nutritional intake.

There are five Nutris in this range to activate the vital currents and specifically nourish female functions and five other male functions.

Directions for use: Chew one tablet of each Nutri twice a day between meals.

They can be used in combination or sequence :

  • Biocompatible and bioavailable formulas,
  • 100% natural products,
  • quick and targeted activation,
  • no side effects or addiction,
  • suitable for any age of life,
  • no cariogenic effects.